PACE Fellowship Program

The PACE Fellowship Program was developed through the PACE Advisory Board, based on strategic discussion and feedback from past summer meetings. The fellowship is intended to provide an opportunity and partial funding support for Construction, Engineering, and Management Faculty who take sabbatical leave to spend a portion or all of that time at Penn State.

The visitng fellow will spend a period of 5-12 months at University Park. While working with the AE Department, the selected fellow will work with the faculty on a research project of complimentary interests to the PACE program. They are expected to share some of their preivous research work during one of the PACE events–the Roundtable Meeting in the fall or the Seminar Research in the spring.

Based upon the Advisory Board meeting feedback and excitement, a pilot request for interest and proposals was sent through the Construction Engineering and Management Research community. After review by the faculty for general alignment with the program, the review was finalized with input from leader companies to help ensure value to PACE, the undergraduate program, and the potential research contributions.

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