PACE Research

John Messner, Ph.D. – Charles and Elinor Matts Professor of Architecture Engineering Director, Computer Integrated Construction and Research Program

Dr. Messner is a professor and graduate of the Penn State AE program.  He joined the faculty after spending seven years in the construction industry working as a project manager. His research interests focus on Building Information Modeling adoption and the development of visualization systems for use in engineering education and the AEC industry. He also performs research related to delivery methods and strategic management related to the adoption of integrating technologies

Somayeh Asadi, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor, Ph.D. LEED AP O+M, M. ASCE The Hartz Family Career Development Assistant Professor Department of Architectural Engineering

Dr. Asadi is an assistant professor of the Department of Architectural Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University. Her research interest focus on Building Design Optimization, Design of High Performance Buildings, and Demand Response Management System. Dr. Asadi teaches courses in construction management, building energy efficiency,  and integrated building design.


Robert M. Leicht, Ph.D. – Associate Professor of Architecture Engineering, Director of Partnership for Achieving Construction Excellence

Dr. Leicht is an assistant professor and graduate of the Department of Architectural Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University. He is the Director of the Partnership forAchieving Construction Excellence (PACE) at Penn State. Before returning to Penn State, Robert served as the Virtual Building Operations Manager for DPR Construction’s East Coast offices. In this role Robert dedicated much of his time to the process of integrating design,   construction, and owner’s efforts using BIM Platforms.

Esther Obonyo – Interim Director of Humanitarian Engineering and Social Entrepreneurship & Associate Professor







David Riley Associate Professor