Become a PACE Member

Why join PACE? 

Attract top graduates – PACE helps make good matches between employers and construction management students: Membership in PACE elevates the visibility of businesses in the eyes of AE program graduates. PACE companies have more opportunities to interact in high-quality and professional environments.

Help advance the building industry – PACE events and activities provide a unique environment in which industry professionals and students can discuss key issues and strategies to advance the industry. PACE research and events help keep PACE companies informed and aware of emerging trends and technologies.

Student perspective: What is a PACE company?

A strong message to students – PACE companies have a long term commitment to the AE program and AE program graduates. They invest annually in helping to make to improve the CM program through financial support and the contribution of the valuable time of their employees. Most PACE companies have several Penn State Alumni working in their organizations. PACE companies recruit regularly at Penn State , not just when they need people. They value the skills and abilities that the AE program cultivates.