Hettema Leadership Award

The Hettema Leadership Award recognizes students’ outstanding efforts in the area of leadership and professional development in construction management. Each year, two 4th year and two 5th year Architectural Engineering Construction Management students receive the award. It is given in memory of Robert Hettema who founded the Construction Management major at Penn State University in 1970. During his building career he worked for the Turner Construction Company where he played a key role in projects such as the building of Madison Square Garden. The awards are presented at the annual PACE Research Seminar in April.




Kaidy Wollman- 4th Year
Steve Mezzacappa – 4th Year
Melissa Consiglio – 5th Year
Eric Luttman- 5th Year


Kenna Markel- 4th Year
Kevin Clement – 4th Year
Ashley Bistline – 5th Year
Donald Stahlnecker- 5th Year


Kevin Barth – 4th Year
Dana Burzo – 4th Year
Aubrey Fulton – 5th Year
Codi Shine – 5th Year


Kevin Kroener – 4th Year
Drew Canfield – 4th Year
Ghaith Yacoub – 5th Year
Andrey Penev – 5th Year


Jeff Sopinski – 4th Year
Jenna Dumke – 4th Year
Patrick Laninger – 5th Year
Christie Smith – 5th Year


Natalie Bockhorst – 4th Year
Matt Hoerner – 4th Year
Neal Diehl – 5th Year
Michael Gorman – 5th Year


Thomas Horensky – 4th Year
Anthony Jurjevic – 4th Year
Ronza Abousaid – 5th Year
Matt Hedrick – 5th Year


Matt Smiddy – 4th Year
Brittany Muth – 4th Year
Ralph Kreider – 5th Year
Natalie Bryner – 5th Year

Award Winners

Dr. Riley presents the Hettema Leadership Award to the 2009 winners.


Dan Alexander – 4th year
Brian Goodykoontz – 4th year
Will Cox – 5th year
Casey Mowery – 5th year


Alyssa Adams – 4th year
Julia Phillips – 4th year
Travis Smith – 5th year
John Dixon – 5th year


Corinne Ambler – 4th year
Sean Flynn – 4th year
Kristen Eash – 5th year
Abe Vogel – 5th year


Jason McFadden – 4th year
Christopher Glinski – 4th year
Lucas Klock – 5th year
Robert Leicht – 5th year